Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

A bathroom remodel can improve the look and function of your bathroom. However, there are certain factors to consider when remodeling to ensure your project runs seamlessly. Below you will find the top 10 bathroom remodeling mistakes so you can avoid them with ease.

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

A bathroom remodel can offer a variety of benefits. However, mistakes can be easily made so consider the following before you begin.

Failing to Plan:

Without a clear plan, your bathroom remodel can turn into a disaster. Avoid this mistake by making a solid plan before you get started. This includes the materials you’ll need, your layout, what you will do on your own, what you will hire contractors or other help for, in addition to your timeline. Avoid this common bathroom remodel mistake so you don’t have to deal with surprises along the way.

Not Following Your Budget:

A huge bathroom remodel mistake includes failing to create and follow your budget. Creating a solid plan can help you determine your bathroom remodel budget. Without this, you can easily spend thousands more than you wanted on your remodel. Create a budget for each category of your remodel, in addition to the more specific areas. This includes everything from lighting and tile to paint and fixtures.

Prioritizing Appearance Over Function:

Bathroom remodeling and design can be exciting and improve the appearance of your space. However, it can also be a burden if you don’t prioritize the functional aspects of your bathroom remodel. For example, creating a layout that looks appealing may be a mistake if you don’t consider your plumbing. Issues such as this can be easily addressed by hiring San Diego remodeling contractors. They are skilled and experienced in planning successful bathroom remodels.

Not Enough Storage:

Not planning your bathroom storage can be a mistake. You’ll need to store your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and towels for convenience. While you may think that you can store them in a closet, the trips back and forth can be a pain. Avoid this by effectively planning your bathroom storage space.

Drainage Failures:

Drainage issues can cause a lot of problems if the leveling isn’t right. This can increase your risk for water damage and mold. Enlisting help from a remodeling contractor can be beneficial as doing it yourself can lead to serious problems in the future.

Overlooking Lighting:

Glazing over your lighting plans can be a huge mistake when remodeling your bathroom. This is especially true for those who get ready in the bathroom every day. Consider the amount of natural light that will come through your windows and plan your lighting accordingly. However, be sure to consider the type of lighting you will need at night when there won’t be any sunlight.

Inadequate Ventilation:

The bathroom can have a lot of moisture from the shower. This can lead to mildew and mold that can cause serious health issues. On top of the health concerns associated with mold, poor ventilation can also affect your plumbing, paint, and grout. This can be costly, so it’s important to consider ventilation when planning your bathroom remodel.

Underestimating Your Timeline and Cost:

Creating a budget, remodel plan, and timeline when updating your bathroom is important. However, the plan needs to be realistic. Add some cushion in your plans for issues that arise when it comes to your remodel timeline and budget, as most remodels have a hiccup or two before it gets completely finished.

Overlooking Permit Requirements:

Each state and locality have different regulations when it comes to remodels. To ensure full compliance with the local requirements, research and adhere to the necessary guidelines around permits. This can get confusing so it can be helpful to enlist a remodeling contractor for support.

Too Much DIY:

There are certain projects that can be easily achieved on your own. However, your bathroom remodel may not be something you want to take a chance on. Consider your plan and timeline and ensure that you have the necessary expertise and time to complete part of the project on your own.

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