Is It Time for Open Kitchens to Go Out of Fashion?

Is It Time for Open Kitchens to Go Out of Fashion?

Is It Time for Open Kitchens to Go Out of Fashion?

Open Kitchens

The open kitchen concept has been a dominant style over the past three decades. Open kitchens are renowned for their ability to host, cook, monitor their children, and converse with guests in a single space. An open kitchen encourages design versatility. Open kitchens allow you to modify your kitchen design to suit your needs at any time. They also make better use of natural light and are a hub for the family. Open kitchens have been a staple for many reasons. In the past few years, homeowners have been noticing the benefits of the closed-kitchen concept. This traditional design allows homeowners to have a dedicated space for cooking, meal preparation, cleaning, and more.

Closed kitchens allow for more intimate kitchen interactions, and minimize social occurrences. Closed kitchens are ideal for people who like to cook and have more storage space. An open kitchen allows you to be available for all social interactions, including television and any interactions with your guests. Every kitchen design has its pros and cons. We’ll help you choose the right one for you in this article.

Benefits of Open Kitchens and Problems

As we have said, an open kitchen concept has stood the test of time in the ever-changing world of interior decorating. Open concept decorating has become more popular thanks to technological advances since the 1990s. This includes the living, dining, kitchen, and other rooms all in one place. Open kitchens are great because you can invite guests into your home. Instead of limiting your socializing to the living room, or greeting guests at the foyer when they enter the house, open kitchens allow you to welcome all guests into your home as soon as they step through the front door. You will have to decide what type of open kitchen you want in your home. There’s no right or wrong decision, as long as it is your choice!


Lighting – An open kitchen is brighter and more ventilated than one with walls. It can take in natural light from all the spaces and also the lighting from other areas.

You can’t miss anything in your kitchen as a cook. You can also spend time in your kitchen watching television or listening to the stories of your guests. The kitchen is the social center of the house and doesn’t require you to do anything.

This creates a feeling of space. The walls are removed from any home, especially smaller ones, to remove any barriers. This creates the illusion that your home is larger than it really is.

Increased Resale value. Open concept kitchens are a popular choice because of all the perks. Open concept kitchens are more popular than those with closed concepts. Consider the value of your home, whether you plan to stay in it for the long-term or sell it soon.

Accessibility. People with limited mobility will find it easier to move around an open-concept kitchen. See how we use universal design in our remodels.


No privacy – Although socializing is a great thing, it can also come with its own set of problems. Perhaps you are having trouble with a recipe, or a guest surprises you and you need to clean up your kitchen. You can see all of it; no one will hide your dirty dishes and pots and pans.

Loud noises – If someone is watching a movie, or having a meeting in their work space 10ft away from them, then the mixer or dishwasher will be heard all over the house. Open concept kitchens can become an echo chamber for loud cooking and appliances.

The smell of food can travel — in some ways, the smell can be a blessing. Your children are baking cookies, and they run up the stairs to grab them as soon as they’re out of the oven. The smell can travel everywhere, even if you burn something accidentally or cook fish. Your couch will soon smell like tuna over the next week.

It’s difficult to clean — Larger kitchens require you to clean every corner and crevice of the space. It can cause other rooms look messy because of the association. When you are mentally ready to clean the kitchen again, it’s not as simple as closing the door.

There are limited design options — If you want to update your kitchen, you need to think about how it will fit in with the rest of your home. Consider how the backsplash in the kitchen will affect the lighting fixtures in your living room. This is a complex process and may require some design assistance.

Closed Kitchen Benefits

In the open-concept world, closed kitchens are slowly returning to prominence. Why? But what are the benefits of a closed-concept kitchen? The pros of an open kitchen can be overcome by a closed kitchen.


Privacy – Closed kitchens are great for people who love to cook and want to explore the art of cooking. You can experiment in the safe space, or maybe you just want to be alone at the end.

The smell stays put — A closed-concept kitchen is separated from the rest of your house so that the smells don’t travel. You won’t have to worry about stale throw pillows and stench-filled sheets from someone who accidentally left the bedroom door open.

Storage Space — An enclosed kitchen allows for more space. It’s possible to add cabinets, pot hooks or any other functional items to make your kitchen more functional. An open kitchen is a space that feels spacious, but it’s not. This space is not being utilized to its full potential.

It’s easier to maintain – An enclosed kitchen space is usually smaller than a normal one, so you can clean it more efficiently as you cook. You have all your kitchenware at your disposal and nothing is scattered.

Low noise – There will be no echoes from pots or pans. You won’t disturb others while they watch or engage in long, riveting conversations.


Privacy – Because privacy is mostly about preference, it is important to remember that privacy can both be a pro and a con. You are often away from your family or friends and depending on how big your kitchen is, you may be left alone. Think about how you would like to interact with your kitchen. Perhaps you are a social person who enjoys talking about your work while they cook. You might be someone who likes to think for themselves but would prefer to cook alone. We recommend that you use an open concept for the latter. It’s all about personal preference.

Size – Although the size of your kitchen is ultimately dependent on your budget, it will often feel smaller than an open concept kitchen. Closed concept kitchens are more functional than they look or flow with the rest.

You’ll need less lighting – Natural light is limited and you will have to rely heavily on artificial lighting for proper vision.

Why Not Combine Both? Combination of an Open and Closed Concept Kitchen

Technology is always improving. This is one of the greatest things about it. Technology takes us to new heights, and allows us to surpass our expectations. Many people love the idea and benefits of an open kitchen. However, the advantages of a closed kitchen seem almost too appealing to ignore. Instead of choosing one side or the other, they found common ground, going where no man had gone before. The semi-open kitchen concept is now available. This design combines the best of both: large storage space, privacy, access, natural light and control over socialization. You have it all.

There are many ways to manage your space. Semi-concept kitchens use glass doors and bi-folding partitions to give the illusion of space. You have many options to personalize your space. King Remodeling SD allows you to do whatever you want with your space. You can use your imagination to design your farmhouse kitchen, or you can go modern with your kitchen layouts. You can do what you want. King Remodeling SD can make it happen. Call us today at +1(877)292-7707 or schedule an appointment. Our creativity will not disappoint.

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