4 Tips for Preparing for Kitchen Remodeling

4 Tips for Preparing for Kitchen Remodeling

4 Tips for Preparing for Kitchen Remodeling

Interior designs suggest a kitchen remodel at least every decade. Every remodel is different as some may be more extensive than others. However, preparing for your kitchen remodel is important as it can take some time to complete. Preparation is necessary as you won’t have a fully functioning kitchen for a period of time. Below you will find the top 4 tips for preparing for kitchen remodeling.

4 Tips for Preparing for Kitchen Remodeling

Being prepared for your kitchen remodel can make it much smoother. Not only can you remove the items that would get in the way during the remodel, but you can also set up a space to prepare food to ensure you don’t have to rely on takeout for every meal. Consider the following tips on how to prepare your kitchen for a remodel.

Set Up A Temporary Kitchen Space:

Because you won’t have access to all or part of your kitchen during the remodel, consider setting up a temporary kitchen space. Oftentimes people use their outdoor kitchen or patio to serve as a temporary kitchen. However, if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, you can turn a portion of your dining room, living room, or recreation room into a kitchen. Transfer your appliances, utensils, and food items to the temporary kitchen before the remodeling starts. If you are keeping your existing appliances, consider using a mini fridge and camping stove to help you get through the time. Consider your timeline to see how extensive this should be as some remodels can take as little as a couple of days or as long as a few weeks.

Remove and Organize Loose Kitchen Items:

Loose items in your kitchen refer to all of the objects that aren’t permanently fixed in your kitchen. This includes cutlery, dishes, baking items, food, decorations, towels, countertop appliances, and anything else that needs to be removed for your kitchen. This is helpful during a remodel as it clears the space so only the necessities are present, and reduces the risk for damaging your items. Pack them up and organize them based on the following four categories, including food, appliances, everyday use, and pack away. You may want to put some of this in your temporary kitchen before you organize it so you don’t have to search for the items later on.

Organize and Properly Store Food:

Food waste can hurt your wallet and increase environmental waste. Avoid this by properly storing your food in a new space while your kitchen is being remodeled. The food that you will use during the remodel should be placed in your temporary kitchen. This includes all of your perishable items as they will quickly go bad. You can strategize when it comes to your non-perishable items as you can easily store them during the remodel. This will likely depend on how much space you have in your temporary kitchen.

Disconnect Important Lines In The Kitchen:

If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, talk with a professional. However, you need to disconnect the important lines in the kitchen. This includes the plumbing, electricity, and gas. This can help reduce the risk for flooding or leaking during the remodel. It can be helpful to work with a professional kitchen remodel company as they are skilled in each step of the remodeling process.

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